Mattie Blaylock

Mattie was the common law wife of the famous Wyatt Earp. She worked as a prostitute in Scott City and Dodge City. In the 1880 census Mattie was listed as Earp's wife. She was addicted to opium and she died of an overdose of opium on July 3, 1888 and was buried in Pinal City.

We have visited this location in the past and never had any success with video, pictures or audio. Word from a friend was that someone had removed her gravestone. So we decided to visit this location again

As soon as we arrived we noticed that her stone and the flowers that people leave her were missing. We were no longer able to exactly locate where she was laid to rest. It is disappointing that people can not leave things alone. We got some fantastic audio and believe we picked up some good stuff, sadly it was very windy that day and it's hard to separate the two. This is still a beautiful place to visit and it has 100's of graves that are well done. Green location with bright flowers.

NOTE: This area has been fenced off and may be closed to vehicle traffic. You may still visit this location on foot. A new marker has been placed to identify Mattie Blaylock's grave.



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