Located in Mesa, Arizona. The "Lee House" had more reported paranormal activity than any other location we have visited. There have been numerous sightings of a cowboy appearing in windows, shadows moving in different rooms and several people witnessed a picture "fly" off a wall. There have been 5 deaths in the home with one being self inflicted. The owner of the home was extremely kind and very understanding of how we operate and gave us full permission to setup any equipment we needed.

We had 5 stationary HD video cameras setup in the rooms. One HD video camera that was mobile with us, several digital still cameras, audio recorders, EMF meters, multichannel audio scanner and flashlights

A few weeks ago we announced on our website that Shadow Chasers Paranormal had merged into our team. Because of this merge Novus Luna Research had more equipment available at the investigation and new methods to try. For the first time together we tried the "Flashlight Method" (Explained in the first video). We got fantastic results. The flashlight didn't always light or dim when asked to, but at the same time it never turned on or off at a time when not asked to. All of the actions of the flashlight happened when expected. We believe this process should be further studied, if not for the paranormal aspect, at least for the mathematical probability that it will only turn off and on at the appropriate time.

We have more than 40 hours of video and audio that needs to be reviewed. We have more data on this investigation than any other we have done. We will post more media on our website as we get it.

- Lee House -  Residence  -
Time: 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Weather: Night, Cloudy
Location: Mesa , Arizona
Investigators: Adam, Chris
Cori, Kristina, Patrick
Notes: Videos posted with
permission from home owner


-  Movies  -

*Note* The flashlight is not moving, the camera is.

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