Home owner claims to feel a presence in the home. Sometimes she has unexplainable tiredness and when she asks things to "go away" she feels better. Owner has had things happening to her since she was a child. She doesn't feel threatened but is tired of things happening around her. Owner will also work with a medium to help cleanse the house after our visit. She invited us to help get confirmation of things that are happening to her.

Unlike most investigations, we have absolutely no background information on this location. The owner feels that spirits are following her wherever she moves to and the actual location is not the problem. Novus Luna was at this home for several hours and recorded a moving light source coming from the bathroom. We also captured almost 20 minutes of audio that we cannot easily explain what the contents are.

Our videos and sounds contain very little editing. All video is broken down into clips. Each clip is identified as a buffer marker. Sound clips are saved as individual files.

  • Video: Twice we slightly increased the volume to help make whispers more audible. These  two instances are marked by subtitles.
  • Audio: If a file is marked -clean we have removed subtle noises such as static. Some audio events are saved several times, this is due to several recorders picking up the same event. The name of the save file may give hints as to what we believe we are hearing.
  • Images: Images are scaled down in size and stamped with NovusLuna copyright.


- Rydale House -  Residential  -
Time: 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Weather: Hot. Clear
Location: Glendale, Arizona
Investigators: Adam, Chris, Patrick

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-  Images -


-  Sounds -

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