There are numerous stories being told by staff and customers about a ghost cowboy that is roaming this Arizona movie theater. The theater is quickly turning into a famous local urban legend. Several stories told about the cowboy state he was a construction worker who fell off a ladder and died on location. We've heard rumors that the building was built over an old grave site that was from the 1800's. And finally, the cowboys grave was unearthed back in the mid 1990's while road construction was taking place and he's finally decided to make this new theater his home.

We have done background research on the location. We can not find any evidence that shows there was an accident here, ever. There are no news articles online that can be found to back this. We also couldn't find any proof of this being a grave site. Though we did find that this road was extended in the 90's we did not find anything about a cowboy being unearthed.

Whatever the real story is, we we're excited to be invited to investigate this location. We were able to visit after the theater had closed for the night and we had full access for four hours. With us: four video cameras, three still cameras, multi-channel scanner, temperature meter and six audio recorders.


- AZ Cinema -  Business  -
Time: 12:00am - 4:00am
Weather: Night, Cloudy, Raining
Location: Somewhere, Arizona
Investigators: Adam, Angela, Audra,
Chris, Cori, Kristina, Patrick


-  Images -

The two images below were taken within seconds of each other.
In the first image you can see "What appears to be an outline of someone"
In the second image, the outline is gone. Click on the images to zoom in.
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ghost cowboy 1ghost cowboy 2

Zoomed In
big ghost


Other Images


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