Arizona Foothills

Home owner contacted us after experiencing several occurrences that he could not explain. One night after work he laid down in bed to rest. Before he fell asleep he had a cold chill come over his body and felt as if his body was “being forced down”. He said he was unable to move any part of his body other than his head. He remained this way for about 15 seconds. Finally he yelled “Get the hell off me!” A couple seconds later he felt as if he was released.

Several nights later him and his wife were in the living room. The wife wasn't feeling well and said she wished there was NightQuil. Just then there was a banging noise that came from the bathroom in the master bedroom. When they investigated they found that the cabinet door had come open and NightQuil was now laying on the ground.

Husband also states that he randomly feels like he has walked through cold spots in his house. He believes there is a female spirit that visits his home. He's not sure who or why. He is the third home owner and isn't aware of anyone passing there.

This was a fantastic location for us. We did have several drops in temperature throughout the house. In the bedroom where most of the activity has taken place there was a drop of 15 degrees that came and went in a matter of seconds. We did not pick up any photographic anomalies but did pick up several sounds that we can not explain what they are. To us, they sound like whispers. We have added subtitles to the videos but we do not include what we feel the “whispers” are saying. We encourage you to listen for yourself and come to your own conclusions.




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Contact you before (Whisper Noise)

I've heard something (Whisper Noise)

And I was pissed. (Whisper Noise)