Vulture Mine

Once the most productive gold mine in Arizona, it shut down in 1942. It produced over 300,000 ounces of gold and over 250,000 ounces of silver. President Franklin Roosevelt closed the mine during WW2 and this once busy location became a ghost town.

Vulture Mine made it's paranormal fame after being on Ghost Adventures TV show. Historians claim that 18 men were hung at the hanging tree. Most hung were less than a inch from the ground and some could actually touch with their toes. This made the hanging process much longer.

We were unable to visit this location at night. Since Ghost Adventures visit it has become a hotspot for paranormal groups and the owner informed us there has been a huge increase in theft and damage. He can no longer allow unguided night tours. It was still a very exciting trip and we paid minimal fee to enter the grounds. We had full access to almost all the buildings while a few were fenced off. We went during the week early morning and were able to avoid crowds. We were alone almost the whole time and were able to get quality readings without any interference.

We took 100's of photos and several videos along with lots of audio. The photos and video turned out great. We were using a new high MP digital camera. We took pictures and video of every building on the lot. And spent extra time at the hanging tree. On the way home we felt great about the day. Vulture Mine is an exciting place and it was fun exploring it.

Once we got home we went through all the digital photos spending several minutes per picture. We were not able to find one image that seemed to have anything out of place or paranormal in nature. We were disappointed but this isn't new to us. We have yet to find any photographic evidence to date. On the way home we had briefly listened to our audio and were not able to hear anything exciting, but we new once Thad got it on the computer things could change.

We use a couple different computer programs to listen to the audio. One plays it through and makes notes of when it hears activity and the other lets us really crank up the volume so we can hear recordings that we wouldn't be able to hear without it. The audio from Vulture Mine is one of the best we've captured. While recording audio only one person will attempt to talk to spirits/entities and the rest of the group will remain silent. What we recorded is Thad receiving several appropriate answers to his questions. The best audio we recorded were at the Assay Office and the Hanging Tree. Maybe we are hearing what we want to hear. The audio is available for you to decided!

If you are interested in visiting Vulture Mine it is very easy to access. From Phoenix take 1-17 to US 60 West. The turnoff is less than 3 miles west of Wickenburg.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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