The "Do It Yourself" menu has been created to help those who are attempting to do their own investigations. Though we don't go into exact details of how Novus Luna Research runs our investigations, we hope to provide enough information to get you started.

Before you head off to your investigation, please make sure you have the following:

  • Equipment is working and fully charged
  • Memory cards are empty and ready to be used
  • You have all paper work ready to be signed
  • Flashlights have new batteries and you have extra batteries
  • If you are staying a few hours, a water bottle is recommended

Once you arrive at your location immediately start becoming aware of your surroundings. Look for any potential dangers such as dogs in the area, holes in the ground. Ask yourself if you are in a safe environment. If you feel uneasy about your location because of animals, waste or safety of the structure you should leave. If you are not familiar with the owners of the building or property you should not be alone. If you prefer to investigate alone, offer to buy a friend dinner if they will agree to wait in the vehicle while you investigate. Do not allow yourself to become a victim of a physical assault.

Yourself or one person from your team should sit down and go over your process, inform the owner of what they can expect your team to be doing. Are there any conditions? Make sure you ask if there are any rooms they don't want you in. Is there a certain time they want you out? Now is also a good time to explain your waiver and have them sign it. After the administrative questions you can now begin asking the paranormal questions.

  • Why did they contact you to come here?
  • What have they seen or heard?
  • Does this location have a history?
  • Any deaths or violent crimes in the area they know of?
  • In their opinion, who or what is haunting the location?
  • Do they feel the spirits present are there to do harm?
  • Does the owner want any questions asked or anything stated to the spirits?

Make sure to audio record your interview with the owner! Not only for proof that you went over the process and waiver, but also because this could be a prime time to catch an EVP.

"The Mood"
Some teams like to investigate in the dark. Some do it with the lights on. Some of our best findings were with the lights on! - We've been told by mediums that it doesn't matter. However, We try to make spirits/apparitions feel as comfortable as possible. Millions of people in the world suffer from a condition called Nyctophobia (Fear of The Darkness) and up to 60% of Americans have confirmed they have an uneasy and/or guarded feeling while in the dark. We are not sure if traits follow over into the paranormal realm but there's a chance they might which is why we do at least some of the investigation with the lights on.

Every investigation team will have their own methods and we encourage you to try several techniques and see what works for you. Be polite. Respect your surroundings and have fun!